Is Cheating Becoming Common? Why Monogamous Relationships Are Failing

cheating and datingCheating And Dating

Do people scold their friends for cheating?

I don't know about you, but I was raised under the premise that cheating is bad. However, as the younger generation is growing older, I can't help but feel as though they do not share the same morals. More and more, I am hearing friends discuss cheating together as though it is the most common thing in the world. Some men even going as far as calling women their ‘side chicks' and referring to always having backup sexual partners. At some point in my life, I had a close friend who was always cheating on her partners, and I couldn't help but be disgusted by it. Instead of listening to her cheating escapades, I would try to scold her for her cheating ways, but this would infuriate her. It would seem that cheating is becoming glorified as times goes on, and that serious relationships are becoming a rarity.

Should cheating be expected and forgiveness required?

Forgiving a cheater for having hurt you is not an easy thing to do, but for some reason cheaters are more surprised about not getting a second chance than they are of cheating. In a way, it is almost like cheating is now expected and forgiveness required, which just strikes me as weird. Now that social media and online dating websites have been created to facilitate our search of love and dating, many people are using these means as ways to find cheating partners. When your partner cheats on you and is surprised when you don't forgive them, you know something is wrong. If you agreed to being in a monogamous relationship and were cheated on, you have every right to not want to get back with a cheater.

Dating someone new and finding out that they cheated on their ex

A couple years ago, in Virginia Beach, I met a really good looking person who just happened to be single. We immediately clicked and entered the beginning steps of a relationship. One night, we were talking about our past relationships and I found out that most of their relationships ended around the one year mark. So I asked them why their last relationship had ended, and they said it was because of cheating. At first I felt bad for them, but then I realised that they didn't specify if they had been cheated on or done the cheating. When I asked and I found out that they had cheated on their partner, I immediately told them that I could not date a cheater and stopped seeing them.

Is cheating discussed between friends?

Being friends with a cheater can be very hard, especially if you aren't alright with cheating yourself. Since every friendship is different, it is hard to know if cheating is discussed between friends, but for the most part I believe it is. Being friends with a cheater might make you start thinking that cheating is tolerable, so if your friends are starting to jeopardize your morals, try distancing yourself or telling them you don't want to hear about their cheating escapades.

Is cheating and dating the new PB&J ?

Dating used to be something that people took seriously, but nowadays it seems that cheating and dating go better together than peanut butter and jelly. Since the rise of online dating, many singles are becoming aware that they have way too many options, and because of this they're choosing to sleep around on their partners.
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