Learn how to detect dating scams

dating scamsAvoid Dating Scams

How To Write Personal Classified Ads

If you're a man looking to find a hot woman to have sex with in the area, it's important to grasp the notion of learning how to detect dating scams. There are so many fake dating websites parading the internet these days that it's hard for men to even have a chance of finding the good ones out there. The good ones are certainly out there, we assure you, but they're just hidden under a virtual pile of dirt. What you need to think about first is how to write personal classified ads — at least, you need to understand how real people write personal classified ads. Real people inject aspects of their personalities into their online dating profile, and you can instantly see the person for how unique they really are by reading through their dating profile information. On the contrary, when scammers and programs write their online dating profiles, they fill it with bland, general information that is far too good to be true. An example of this is the common one of finding a woman who looks hot in her pictures, and her profile is filled with information of how hot she is on the idea of having sex right away with someone, and meeting up with them as soon as humanly possible to do so. Write your own personal classified ads, and read the ones pertaining to women on real dating sites, and you'll instantly be able to spot a fake online dating profile.

How To Spot A Dating Scam

As we said above, spotting a dating scam through shady online dating profiles is one way to go about things, but it's not the only way. Another way of knowing if you're on a crappy adult dating site is verifying whether or not there are any chatbots on the website. Chatbots are the bane of the internet, and they unfortunately flood the virtual realm of online dating websites. If you've come across an online dating site filled with virtual chat bots, then you might have really screwed up in making your online dating website choice, and it's time to pedal back a little and choose a better place to spend your internet time on. The real, functional dating sites out there have no bots whatsoever — just real, genuine women who live in your area and want to have a hot one night stand with you as soon as humanly possible.

Avoid Dating Mistakes Like This

When trying to sniff out for chatbots, it's important to avoid messages that are far too good to be true, from women who are far too hot to be real. You might find that an online chat box pops up on your internet screen, and the picture of that person shows someone who appears to look like a Victoria's Secret model. That woman might say a variation of things that all suggest that she wants you in her pants as soon as possible, and if you'll please direct your attention and your credit card information to an exterior website, you two will be well on your way to having sex. However, as we all know, that sort of thing is too good to be true, and must be dismissed immediately. Don't pay attention to the chat bots, as they are a complete waste of time. Instead, shuffle through the various adult dating websites out there until you find a good one, and spend your time chatting with the real women on there.

Impress Her With Your Dating Skills

Once you finally land yourself on a good adult hookup site, pull out all your classic conversational tricks in order to really get yourself in your lady's favor. Impress her with your wit and charm through conversation, show her what your psychology is made of, and make her fall for you entirely. If you really sweep her off her feet in the online world, you'll have a great chance of getting laid on the very first date.

Be Smart Online: Don't Fall For Traps

You need to be smart during your online dating adventure, and don't fall for any of the standard traps that scammers set for you. Many men have fallen victim to these traps by giving out their credit card information to someone they think is a hot girl that they'll be having sex with. Just be vigilant, and always have your guard up. Eventually you will find the right online hookup website for you, and there won't be any need to worry about getting ripped off online.
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Want To Have An Affair? Here’s How To Do It – Without Getting Caught!

an affairHaving An Affair

Meeting Singles In Wigan Even Though You're Taken

If you're a man in Wigan looking to have an affair, then online dating sites are your weapon of choice. First off, we should say that affairs are always a questionable option, and you should consider breaking off the relationship first if you're tempted to have sex with someone else. That said, if you're still driven to cheat on your partner, then online dating is the only way to go about it without getting caught. The process is simple — first find yourself a good, functional, reliable online dating website. Make yourself an account that won't be traced back to you, and chat up all the women you see online. Yes, we do mean all of the women — the more messages you send out, the higher your chances of getting laid will ultimately be. Once you have plenty of dating replies in your inbox, it's time to get to chatting with all the beautiful women in your area and getting to know them. Of course, only do so when your partner isn't around, because you don't want her getting suspicious. Once you are comfortable enough with the ladies, ask them out on dates; as many as you can afford to go on before your partner gets suspicious. Just tell her that you have to stay at the office late to get some extra work done, she'll buy that for sure.

Thinking Of Having An Affair? Think Again

We must stress again that having an affair is never the best option. Having sex can be so morally sound if it's done while you're a single person, without anyone else's heart to break. Have you ever been cheated on? If not, we're thankful that you never had to go through the process of feeling heartbroken because your partner has slept with another. We hope that you never have to feel that sort of pain in your life. If you do have some experience with your partner cheating on you, then you know how deeply that sort of thing can sting, and it's a wonder why you would risk putting another person through the same thing. Really think about the concept of cheating before you decide to go through with it. If you've spent some time pondering the issue, and you still decide to have an affair, then godspeed to you.

Don't Get Caught

All we have to say is don't get caught. If at all possible, have affair upon affair while you're in a committed relationship, and never allow the chance for your partner to catch on to what you're up to. You need to be damn efficient in this venture; make sure you're not leaving any footprints, in the real world or the virtual one. Be like a cheating ghost as you have sex with women outside of your relationship. Be like a ghost version of a cheating James Bond, actually; you must be entirely meticulous, and make sure that not a whisper of your actions makes its way to your partner. That way, you can have all the sex you want without your partner having to deal with the sense of heartbreak that comes with finding out she's been cheated on. Of course, you'll still have to deal with the guilt that comes with cheating on your partner, but if you've made it this far, we're sure that you'll be able to manage that effectively.

Using Online Cheating Websites

Online cheating websites are the only way to go here. Don't go out into the real world and try offline dating — that's just a waste of time, and you won't get guaranteed results from it. Cheating websites can be accessed while your partner is away at work or in the shower, or even if she's sitting on the couch while you're sitting in the armchair as you both watch TV. It's just more convenient and effective, so why would you cheat any other way.

Use A Fake Online Profile — Just In Case

We always suggest that you use a fake online profile, just in case that the information about you entering a cheating website somehow makes its way back to your partner. As we said, it's crucial that you don't get caught in this venture, so you don't want to leave any virtual footprints or fingerprints. Just be your ghostly, James Bond self, and you'll be able to cheat as much as your heart and private parts desire without the risk of getting caught.
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How To Ask A Woman Out: Writing Better Emails

confidence with womenAsking women out
Is your online dating experience losing traction because you've been striking out on email replies? Can't seem to get women to respond to your emails? Online dating sites can open up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing you to find the right match for you by comparing profiles, reading reviews and exchanging information by email that could lead to a date, a casual hook-up, friends with benefits, or something more. Asking a woman out doesn't have to be a clumsy experience but making the best of online dating still takes a little finesse. Matchmaking experts have all kinds of ideas and online dating tips on how to write emails that get a response from women and help you stand out from the crowd. You may already have great photos and a witty profile page that's generating attention, just not the kind you want. You might be great at initiating conversation by email, but have a harder time sustaining the exchange with your responses. Luckily, there are a few simple adjustments you can make that will drastically improve your results. Here are some do's and don'ts of asking a woman out by email: 1· Do Be Tasteful. There's nothing wrong with a sense of humor, or with being provocative, but crude expressions and explicit content are likely to get you flagged for inappropriate content and removed from dating sites promptly. Women appreciate a man who can be naughty and nice with his choice of words. Leave room for the imagination rather than writing explicit, graphic descriptions of your sexual prowess. 2· Don't Be Cliché. It's perfectly fine to use catch phrases and expressions we're familiar with, but if you're trying to make an impression on a prospective date by email, put a little effort into ideas for your first date. Find out what interests you share and seek out an occasion you'll both enjoy. Consider events that stimulate the mind (plays, art exhibits, author readings) instead of a nightclub or local sports bar. Show her some depth to your personality and she'll be intrigued. 3· Do Make Her Feel Special. Posting an online dating profile can feel a bit intimidating. Knowing you're only one of ten thousand single women or men in your neighborhood or locality also means being compared and rated next to the competition. If you find a profile that catches your eye, what is it that compelled you to connect with her? Instead of telling her you love girls with tattoos, tell her why you like her tattoo and what you think it might say about her. If she posts a photo of her in a sexy outfit, comment instead on her facial features, hair or smile as her most attractive physical quality. Complimenting her breasts will probably make her reconsider the photo and exchange it for something that will invite less juvenile replies. 4· Do Start With a Great Title. Some of the best novels and films carry titles that evoke a sense of mystery or curiosity: Pale Rider, The Godfather, Ex Machina, A Tale of Two Cities - they titillate as well as mystify. Of course, you're not writing a suspense action thriller but thoughtful email titles will stand out when she scrolls down her inbox for new mail. If your title is bold but mysterious, you'll find your response rate will quickly start to climb instead of disappearing among all the other content piling up in her Gmail account. Short and sweet is best. 5· Don't Plagiarize. You might be tempted to borrow a witty pick-up line from a movie you thought was obscure, but don't attempt to pass it off as your own. Taking lines from profiles of other single men will hardly make you stand out as unique. Sending the same email reply to twenty different women could come back to bite you in the behind. If you're plagiarism is discovered later, you'll hurt your credibility and come off as a real tool. 6· Do Keep it Honest. While most men have a tendency to exaggerate their income, height, and sexual prowess, misrepresenting yourself to a prospective date is the best way to guarantee she never sees you again. Posting an image of how you looked five years ago, before the paunch, will only draw charges of false advertising and rightly so. Think of how you feel when you find out the girl you're dating is actually a brunette and not a genuine blond. No one likes to be deceived or manipulated. 7· Don't Monopolize the Conversation. The goal of your email reply should be to inspire a conversation that will help you both get to know each other better. Express an interest in her by asking questions, but don't cross-examine her like a crown prosecutor trying to break down the star witness. Keep your questions open-ended rather than yes or no. Instead of asking “Do you like sports?” you could ask her “What was your favorite past time growing up?” By posing questions that require thoughtful reflection, you'll draw out a more in-depth response that could reveal points of common ground you both share.
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Emotional Vs. Physical Cheating: Which Is Worse?

best cheating sitesCheating
Few relationship topics are as hotly debated as emotional cheating vs physical cheating. Proponents on both sides have equally compelling reasons for arguing the effects of both can be equally harmful and hurtful to the respective party. Being in a committed relationship requires a level of intimacy and trust that comes second only behind the bond we share with our children. All the same, it's never easy to confront feelings of marital unhappiness, especially when intimacy is strained by factors neither of you are in control of. The growing demands of family life, work and finances can leave little room for kindling the romantic flames in a relationship. Drifting slowly apart over time can lead some people in search of eHarmony.com. The growing indifference to sex and romance doesn't happen overnight but gradually, like the change in seasons or the drift of continents. Only a vague premonition guides them to the profiles of eligible singles and other adventurous souls, but the driving force behind their curiosity is often rooted in a desperate need for passion and intimacy. Coming to terms with neglected feelings when there are always other priorities to discuss takes backseat repeatedly in your daily routine, but the need for excitement, romance, and sexual intimacy are fundamental to a healthy relationship of any kind. Denying or repressing the desire for connection when you're already in a committed relationship may feel like the right thing to do for any number of reasons - the kids, the mortgage, her poor health, yours, fear - but choosing infidelity will have far greater consequences. Is emotional cheating vs physical cheating a choice between two evils? Is it better to fantasize about an affair than to actually act on it? Are you guilty of being unfaithful if you've only thought about it? Infidelity is fundamentally an emotional decision. Whether you act on the emotion or engage in imaginary scenarios, you experience the thrill, excitement, and anticipation of an affair in different ways. One is visceral and takes time to process. The other is mental and allows you to safely explore your feelings while avoiding any immediate threat to your relationship. Fantasizing about your wife's hot co-worker can be a passing, momentary experience that breaks up the monotony of your daily routine. It can even get you excited about your own wife. Although you control how far the scenario develops, the setting, circumstances and every other aspect of your imaginary tryst, habitually daydreaming about other women when you're in a committed relationship can lead to reckless behavior. There may come a point when the fantasy isn't satisfying enough and you neglect your significant other for not measuring up to your idealized image. The impression we create of other people can easily be mistaken for an authentic representation. We fall in love with our own ‘creation' and out of love with the vital connections already in our life. Emotional cheating can lead to a distorted view of your marriage, and unrealistic perceptions of the object of your desire. Routinely fantasizing about other people when you're in a monogamous relationship is a sure sign that something is missing in your relationship. Exploring your sexuality with other people is a necessary part of discovering who we are, but not everyone embarks wholeheartedly on the journey. Some warm up to the adventure many years into their adulthood, others dive in shortly after they reach puberty. After years of exclusively monogamous relationships, you may wake up one day and realize that you want to broaden your sexual horizons, or just curious about what else is out there. People change. Our needs and our goals change, along with our priorities, our jobs, our relationships, and our perspective on life. How we choose to confront and cope with these changes defines our character. Physical cheating is far less subtle than emotional betrayal, but actions cannot be recalled or undone. There is a finality to the physical act of consummating your desire to cheat that far outweighs the effect of a wet dream. You may feel guilty about your erotic thoughts for someone else, but they are thoughts you can prevent from becoming actions. Once you actually commit the act, your infidelity is no longer a hypothetical, but a fact of reality. Even the most devoted couples face occasional tests to the strength of their bond in the form of temptations from coworkers, friends, and helpful neighbors. Traveling away from home frequently can put an extra strain on both partners and leave both feeling disconnected and drifting apart. Whether you've thought about cheating or you've been unfaithful, whether you've cheated or you've been cheated on, the road to infidelity is a slippery slope that usually starts at the well of harmless intentions. What might begin as a harmless crush can become an unhealthy fixation if unreasonably prolonged. Being faithful to your partner should extend to your actions as well as thoughts, your devotion in body and mind. You can find more great relationship advice and dating tips here.
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5 Ways To Make Your Casual Date Regret Breaking Up With You!

Although it can be one of the most painful conversation topics, we have all been through bad break ups at one point in our lives. Particularly when it comes to casual dating and online dating, you never want to be the one who is pining for the other one after the break up. This can just add to the feelings of remorse and loneliness and can actually make it harder for you to get back on your feet and find someone new. Luckily, there are a few tricks to make them regret leaving you, which can come in handy to help boost your self esteem and maybe even draw them back to you. That is, if you want them back. This guide was written to help you deal with bad break ups and make them regret ever breaking up with you. This means that if you follow these tricks to make them regret, you will have the upper hand in the next move, whatever that may be.
women infidelityMake Him Regret It

Whatever You Do, Never Make Contact After Bad Break Ups

One of the most important tricks to make them regret breaking up with you is to never make contact after a break up. If you are the first one to make contact afterwards, this is more than likely to give them signals that you may still be interested. If you want to stay on top, then you need to make sure that they don't think you want them back. If they get that impression, they may be less likely to actually make moves to come back to you. Although it may be tempting to reach out, resist the desire and do your best to cut off all ties. Not only will you feel better after a while, but you will also get into their heads, and they will start wondering what you are doing.

Lose Their Number after the Casual Dating Ends

Not only is it symbolic, but it is empowering to delete someone's number after bad break ups. This will help you resist the temptation to contact them, and will get rid of all the conversation topics and history that you have on your phone. You don't need to go back and re-read all of the texts you sent between each other, this will only make it hurt worse. Just delete those digits and get back to living your life on your own terms. This will help keep your mind off of things, and when your ex doesn't hear from you in weeks, it will plant the seed in their head that you have moved on even if you haven't.

Change Your Ways and Get Back to Online Dating

There can be many reasons that cause bad break ups, but regardless of the cause, you can understand that at some level you were responsible as well. Think about how you live your life and take it as an opportunity to improve yourself. When you concentrate on yourself and start to make things better, this will help you become more desirable and you feel better about yourself. It won't take long before your ex starts to realize what they are missing out on, and you will probably find that you are attracting more dates from other people as well. Be happy and hold your head up high.

Jealousy is One of the Best Tricks to Make them Regret

If you can start to make your ex jealous, this is one of the best tricks to make them regret breaking up. Nothing will get their blood to boil like a close encounter with them when you are out on a date with someone else. Jealousy and competitiveness can inspire a lot in a person, so don't be afraid to show that you are starting to move on. If you are in the club, and you see your ex, grab the next person beside you and start dancing like you don't have a care in the world. This will prompt an emotional response, and you are likely to get into their heads with something as simple as ignoring them and having fun with someone else. Heck, you might even forget about them entirely.

Keep it Cool for More Casual Dating

The number one rule is to keep it cool if contact is ever made between you and your ex. They must not get the impression that you want to get back with them, even if it is your greatest desire. People always look for closure, and if you start feeding into it, you might end up pushing them further away.
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Is She Into You? Top Five Cues to Look Out for When She’s Ready for a Fling

Girls can be confusing enough, but even worse when you are into her and you have no idea if she's into you too. However, any girl that is into you is likely to act on these five cues. Even better, if she does all of the next signs, you are both on the right path to a fling. So next time you see a girl, pay special attention to these signs, and you will never miss out on whether or not she's into you.
her body languageHow to Know if She is into You

1. Cue She's Into You - She Laughs at all of your Jokes

When a girl is into you, she will laugh at all of your jokes. This non-verbal sign is a cue that she is into you, and is a great way to let the other person know that they are crushing on them. So next time you see her, make the worst joke possible, and if she laughs, you know she is into you. But beware of fake laughing. If she is fake laughing then it means she is not really paying attention to you and wants to get this over with.

2. Cue She's Into You - She Maintains Eye Contact

Making eye contact can be one of the most intimate forms of communication. Therefore if a girl is making eye contact with you, and maintaining it throughout a conversation, it probably means she is interested in casual dating or a fling. Studies show that those attracted to each other will intently stare into someone's eyes between two and three seconds. Although this can be a subtle sign, and easily overlooked, keep an eye out for this sign. If a girl is not interested in you, she will most likely avoid eye contact, and this is your cue to move on, because who likes awkward eye contact? No one.

3. Cue She's Into You - She Shares Her Future Plans

When a girl is interested in you, she will share her plans with you. She trusts you, and even better, she wants you to also join her in her adventures. If she lets you know about her weekend plans, she really hopes that you will tag along. So next time she mentions she is going to a soccer game or hike, casually mention that you would be interested in going to. She will agree.

4. Cue She's Into You - There is Playful Physical Contact

Want to know for sure if she's into you? She makes an effort to touch you. This for sure cue can be manifested in nudges, light punches, or a hand resting on your lap. If a girl does any of these things, it means she is definitely into you. She likes you and wants to find a way to touch you, so playfully reciprocate too, but don't go overboard. This could send the wrong signal or come off as too aggressive. Just be playful and enjoy.

5. Cue She's Into You - She Asks you Personal Questions

When a girl is truly into you, she will ask you questions about you. In her mind, she wants to not only get to know you better, but she also wants to know if you two are compatible at a deeper level. Why else would she ask you about your future if she was not into you? One of the best places to meet a girl who is ready for a fling is on this Great Dating Site . I have found this to be one of the best dating websites by far.

6. Cue She's Into You - She Texts You First

Nowadays, when a girl is into you, she will show you she is interested by sending snapchats, texts or instagram pics. So if your inbox is constantly receiving messages from her, know that you are on her mind, and is leaning towards casual dating or a fling. If she were not into you, she would never send you these posts, so make the move.

7. Cue She's Into You - She Compliments You

This is one of the oldest cues in the book. When a girl compliments you, it is one of the most obvious signs that she is into you. Flattery truly is a form of affection. So next time she compliments your eyes, your lips, or how hilarious you are, know that she is really seeing you through lovey-dovey eyes. Pro tip: compliment her back and make her happy.
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How to Save a Relationship After an Affair

moving on after affairMoving on after an affair

Saving Your Relationship After an Affair

This article will be divided into two parts. The first part is if you are the one who was cheated on, and the second part is if you are the one who cheated. In either even, saving your relationship after an affair requires honesty by both parties and that can be extremely difficult.

Saving your relationship after you cheated

If you're the one who cheated and you want to save your relationship then your first step is to confess what you've done. There's nothing worse for a relationship than the breech of trust that happens when one partner is maneuvering around behind the other's back and making up elaborate lies as to their whereabouts. Forget everything you've heard about it being easier for the other person to not know, or confession only making you feel better. That's nonsense. What's true is that they will not feel good about your confession, and you will not feel good about confessing, but it's still the right thing to do. Firstly, it gives your partner options as to how they want to handle it. It will be a major test for the relationship, but if you truly love each other and are truly right for one another, the relationship will survive because the truth that forms the backbone of every relationship will have not been breached. Once trust is breached like that i cannot ever be fully restored. Partners move on after affairs all the time, but moving on after an affair is impossible if the relationship itself is built on lies. And that's basically what happens to relationships when affairs are involved. The cheater is so worried about their marriage or relationship failing that they figure what the other spouse doesn't know won't hurt them. When they find out in some other way, they realize that the relationship itself is built on a lie. So everything you've heard about confession really being for making you feel better is complete bunk and should be dismissed as bunk. Relationships are built on trust and once that trust is violated then it's goodbye relationship.

Saving your relationship after they cheated

If you're the one who has been cheated on then you need to consider why the other partner cheated. Empathizing with someone who hurt you like that is going to be difficult and you need to be honest with yourself about a couple of things. Firstly, what are your motivations for forgiving the cheater? Is it because you're afraid to lose the relationship or don't think you can handle being without them? If that's the case you need to work on yourself because any relationship you get in will be a doormat style relationship, and this is not good for you. If on the other hand you feel like the person you're with is your true love and you really don't consider the infidelity to be a deal breaker then you can move on so long as they didn't treat you like a fool and lie to your face about it. Most times when people cheat in relationships they feel guilty about it afterwards. People do screw up and make bad decisions in the heat of the moment, but without addressing why those bad decisions happened in the first place, you can't ever be sure it won't happen again.
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Is Cheating Becoming Common? Why Monogamous Relationships Are Failing

cheating and datingCheating And Dating

Do people scold their friends for cheating?

I don't know about you, but I was raised under the premise that cheating is bad. However, as the younger generation is growing older, I can't help but feel as though they do not share the same morals. More and more, I am hearing friends discuss cheating together as though it is the most common thing in the world. Some men even going as far as calling women their ‘side chicks' and referring to always having backup sexual partners. At some point in my life, I had a close friend who was always cheating on her partners, and I couldn't help but be disgusted by it. Instead of listening to her cheating escapades, I would try to scold her for her cheating ways, but this would infuriate her. It would seem that cheating is becoming glorified as times goes on, and that serious relationships are becoming a rarity.

Should cheating be expected and forgiveness required?

Forgiving a cheater for having hurt you is not an easy thing to do, but for some reason cheaters are more surprised about not getting a second chance than they are of cheating. In a way, it is almost like cheating is now expected and forgiveness required, which just strikes me as weird. Now that social media and online dating websites have been created to facilitate our search of love and dating, many people are using these means as ways to find cheating partners. When your partner cheats on you and is surprised when you don't forgive them, you know something is wrong. If you agreed to being in a monogamous relationship and were cheated on, you have every right to not want to get back with a cheater.

Dating someone new and finding out that they cheated on their ex

A couple years ago, in Virginia Beach, I met a really good looking person who just happened to be single. We immediately clicked and entered the beginning steps of a relationship. One night, we were talking about our past relationships and I found out that most of their relationships ended around the one year mark. So I asked them why their last relationship had ended, and they said it was because of cheating. At first I felt bad for them, but then I realised that they didn't specify if they had been cheated on or done the cheating. When I asked and I found out that they had cheated on their partner, I immediately told them that I could not date a cheater and stopped seeing them.

Is cheating discussed between friends?

Being friends with a cheater can be very hard, especially if you aren't alright with cheating yourself. Since every friendship is different, it is hard to know if cheating is discussed between friends, but for the most part I believe it is. Being friends with a cheater might make you start thinking that cheating is tolerable, so if your friends are starting to jeopardize your morals, try distancing yourself or telling them you don't want to hear about their cheating escapades.

Is cheating and dating the new PB&J ?

Dating used to be something that people took seriously, but nowadays it seems that cheating and dating go better together than peanut butter and jelly. Since the rise of online dating, many singles are becoming aware that they have way too many options, and because of this they're choosing to sleep around on their partners.
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